Proof of existence through mutual modulation | 2023
mixed media | frame 60x84 cm | installation – variable dimensions

At first glance, this piece may appear as a framed illustration. However, upon closer inspection, one realizes that this representation is not fixed; rather, it responds to one's presence and is in constant flux. This also serves as proof of the viewer's existence. When approached, the framed threads move along with the air moved by the viewer - its breath, its gestures. We create meaning for any representation that we see, and at the same time, we are changed by everything we see. The installation with the threads suspended from the ceiling takes this further and shows that simply our presence modulates the space and everything around us - the environment and other beings with which we interact. We can't exist as individuals or as separated identities; rather, we are more like some intersections of all the things and beings from the universe.